Enhance the Journey

Whether you're driving down the street or across the country, these tips and tricks will make every trip better.

  • Add a touch of light

    Under your glove box, the seats, or in the trunk.

  • A clean dash

    Little details, like a clean dash, make a big difference. The tough filter and oil combination removes dust while leaving a protective layer.

  • Headlights that shine bright

    Headlights need occasional cleaning for maximum visibility. Toothpaste is an unexpected, yet easy way to clear up foggy headlights.

  • Get that new car chrome

    The secret ingredient: lemons.

  • Bike with more visibility

    Make yourself more visible at night to other drivers.

  • Remove sticker stickiness

    Did you know that mayonnaise can help you peel off bumper stickers?

  • No window cleaner? No problem.

    Use vinegar and water to clean your car windows.

  • Prevent frozen locks

    Expecting freezing rain, sleet or snow in the near future?

  • Add a touch of light

    Under your glove box, the seats, or in the boot.

  • Roll dirt away

    For seats, carpets, and everything in between.

  • A handy spot for sunglasses

    Keep sunglasses handy and safe from scratches.

  • Light up your pickup

    Tired of looking for tools in the dark?

  • Take the fog out fast

    Help your windows defog faster in the winter.

  • Skip the traffic

    Keep your options open when the roads get busy.

  • Don't get frozen in

    Use this trick to get traction when roads are icy.

  • Never lose your car

    We've all had trouble locating our car in a car park. These two tricks can save you time searching.

  • No spilled milk, no tears

    Stabilise your shopping.

  • The key to managing keys

    Help break up the weight.

  • Soak out that smell

    Closed doors can trap in a bad odour. Freshen things up in just two steps.

  • Key ring opener

    For those stubborn key rings, a common staple remover does the trick.

  • Keep the change

    Find a new life for an empty chewing gum container.

  • Digging out? Snow problem.

    Melt away the extra time you' spend clearing snow.

  • Hot tip to cool down

    Why wait for the A/C to kick in? Beat the heat quickly.

  • Kickstand support

    Increase stability on hot days.

  • Keep your shopping grounded

    Less falling, less sliding and everything in its place.

  • Put rubbish in its place

    Rubbish has no business under your seat. This easy fix makes it easy to keep waste inside your car tidy.

  • Foam swimming noodle protection

    Soften the blow on car doors from garage walls by making bumpers out of foam swimming noodles.